Chakrapani moved to America from his native Kerala, India in 1980


He then established his base of operations in Los Angeles, California.  In the intervening years he  continued to travel broadly, teaching and lecturing, while maintaining a busy private practice with clients from all walks of life, and from all over the world.


Referred to as a “national treasure” for his expertise in Vedic Astrology, a “teacher of teachers”, Chakrapani has become a celebrated “elder” in the field, beloved by clients and colleagues alike.


As an astrologer, Chakrapani brings an unusual depth of insight gained from over sixty years of focused study and experience with many thousands of clients.  He is widely acknowledged by his colleagues for his intuitive feel for the planetary energies which yield insights that are considered extraordinary.  His unique abilities, combined with his signature gentle humor and kindly manner have earned him the trust and affection of a broad roster of both high-profile celebrities, as well as every-day, regular people dealing with the myriad of challenges that make up daily life.


A descendent from a long line of astrologers, Chakrapani learned at his father’s knee. He was raised in a small rural community where astrological principals blended seamlessly into the village customs; everything from the lunar calendar, the manner of running the household, the traditional festivals; all reflected an underlying awareness of the movement of the planets.


The manner of his rearing, and later, his interest in keeping the company of many saints and sages of India bear an unmistakable stamp on his approach to astrology.  For Chakrapani it represents a calling, a spiritual undertaking that is intended to relieve suffering and elevate the aspirant, (the client), through greater self-knowledge.


Although Chakrapani has been distinguished with many accolades and awards from both America and India, he claims to still be a student, privileged and humbled to contemplate the great science and art of Vedic Astrology.  He is an active participant in the forums dedicated to the study of the Vedic sciences, enjoying the company of those who share in the quest for ever greater and profound understanding of the nature of life.

"He is an active participant in the forums dedicated to the study of the Vedic Sciences."

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