The difference is what one experiences in another’s presence verses talking with them over the telephone. The fact is that Chakrapani is consulted by people from all over the world and has not personally met the majority of his clients. Nonetheless, if seeing Chakrapani in person is an option, most people find meeting with him to be an enjoyable and uplifting experience.


Chakrapani’s readings are based on the horoscope. Over the years, he has developed what many would call a remarkable attunement to the subtleties of the planetary energies which allows him to give sensitive and insightful readings. Regardless of whether the person is in front of him or on the telephone, he does not perceive them in the conventional sense, neither through their voice nor in observing their presence. Rather, he has said that in studying the chart, an image of a person comes to him, and that image forms the basis of his reading.


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