ChakrapaniĀ“s repeat clientele reflects well on his accuracy, but he is not infallible. One should never abandon their own common sense in evaluating the validity of what someone else has to say, even if they are an expert in their subject.


Conversely, there have been times that Chakrapani has said things to clients that they later tell him they could not accept at the time, but came to agree, or later recognized his point differently than how they understood him initially. The process of digesting a reading can take some time; sometimes that period of time is years!


Chakrapani often approaches a subject from a different angle than how you typically think about it, which may require that you re-orient your logic to another perspective in order to appreciate what he has to say. Also, sometimes one needs time to reflect and consider any new information that goes to the core of long held attitudes and beliefs.


Chakrapani feels that we all have the right, and ultimately, the obligation to our own point of view, and he is not seeking to replace your own inner knowing with his. Rather, as an expert in his field, which is reading horoscopes, clients engage him to obtain his interpretation of their chart. His professional opinion has been honed by over 45 years and acutes experience, and over the years he has earned a reputation of being a dedicated astrologer with a desire to be of service to others.


However, despite his qualifications and good intentions, it is up to each individual to utilize the information that they receive from Chakrapani in a manner that renders it a useful tool for their own greater growth and understanding of self.


This is perhaps another way of saying that the client is not just a passive participant in this exchange, but rather, for maximum benefit they must exercise some judgment and discrimination in the process of assimilating the information from their reading.

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