You are welcome to bring whomever you wish, or to have anyone on the phone with you that you choose. But please bear in mind that your consultation with Chakrapani is intended to be a safe space in which to consider serious issues in your life. If there is someone with whom you would like to share a session of this nature, then, of course, they are welcome. Ideally, you would not bring someone that would inhibit you or Chakrapani from speaking freely. There are, however, a myriad of circumstances that bring people together in a reading. Chakrapani addresses the issues of the individual or individuals according to what appears appropriate given the context of the meeting, and he is quite skilled in the diplomacy of relationships.


As a reminder, he does not look at the issues in relationships like a therapist who responds to the person or persons in the session with him. Rather, Chakrapani forms an impression of the individuals and how they may interact with one another from the energies indicated in the horoscopes. He will relate to the questions or issues accordingly. Often clients bring their spouses, and just as often they prefer to come alone. Even if you are alone, there may be times when Chakrapani says something that he does not include on your tape, for example, because he is concerned about privacy issues which could arise around sensitive issues.

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