Gift Certificates

For the Gift that Truly
Keeps on Giving…


If you are thinking about a unique way of honoring someone special in your life, you may want to consider a Gift Certificate reading with Chakrapani.  Gift Certificates guarantee you a distinctive and memorable gift, and one that will live on long past it’s initial presentation.


Many clients purchase Gift Certificates year after year because they bring such enthusiastic responses - often all the more so from family and friends who were formally skeptics.  It is part of the fun - the sharing - with kindred spirits or doubters, either way.


We will embrace your Gift Certificate person, whomever they may be!  Just give us a call (323-962-9911) or follow the instructions noted here to the right.

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Natal                                                         55min $250

Because the Natal Reading offers a broad overview or karmic blueprint of one's attachments and tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, it provides a foundation for understanding other readings which deal with specific issues or specific future periods of time.  Chakrapani recommends this reading  for first time clients.

Progression Readings     55min $225     30min $125

Chakrapani analyzes the cycles and transits for the coming year or the upcoming six month period. He examines this period in great detail with regards to all aspects of one's life.


Regular clients typically have a Progression Reading each year, or for each six month period. Chakrapani looks at the upcoming trends, as well as the strengths and weaknesses indicated for any given area of endeavor. When decisions or choices need to be made, (with regards to career, health, etc.) this reading can be especially helpful. (Typical questions involve career choices, decisions regarding education, family affairs, relationships, health, business, investments, etc.)

Compatibility Reading   55min $225     30min $125

In this reading  the compatibility issues between two people are considered for either a 30 min or 55 min session. It Is used to enhance the awareness of underlying potential conflicts or power struggles in the relationship, as well as areas of harmony, mutual agreement and complimentary interests. A compatibility reading is helpful for any kind of relationship whether it be a family member, a work associate, a romantic partner or someone one is considering for a future partnership or association of any kind.

Important Instructions

After selecting the type of reading you want, simply click the Buy Now button which will direct you to PayPal. Follow the instructions to complete Check Out;  your paperwork will then be forwarded to us. Once received, we will contact you for the information necessary to create the Gift Certificate. We offer a lovely animated e-card, as well as an elegant paper certificate that can be sent by mail.


The Gift Certificate presentation will include directions to the recipient for providing their birth data, and the office contact information, so they may easily book their appointment. Readings can be done in person at our office, over the phone, and over Skype.


We have taken considerable care in the presentation of the Gift Certificate in an effort to ensure that the value of this unique and special gift is suggested upon its opening.  We are very confident that your intended will love the gift when they redeem it!  We also realize that some recipients may not be familiar with Vedic Astrology, or what is involved in having a reading with an astrologer.  Rest assured that we are poised and ready to take extra care in helping them through the process to their appointment time.



You may always call our office at 323-962-9911 if you have any questions, or if you wish to purchase your Gift Certificate over the phone.


Thank you!

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