• Natal Reading

    $250 - 55 Minutes

    The Natal Reading offers a broad overview or karmic blueprint of one´s attachments and tendencies and provides a foundation for understanding other readings which deal with specific issues or specific future periods of time.

  • Progression  Readings

    $225 - 55 Minutes

    $125- 30 Minutes

    Chakrapani analyzes the cycles and transits for the coming year or six months, respectively. He examines this period in great detail with regards to all aspects of one´s life.


    Regular clients typically get a progressed chart reading each year, or each six month cycle. Aside from analyzing upcoming trends, and the strengths and weaknesses of any given area of endeavor; when decisions or choices need to be made, this reading can be especially helpful. (Typical questions involve career choices, decisions regarding education, family affairs, relationships, health, business, investments, etc.)

  • Auspicious Date

    $65- $125

    Selecting an auspicious date relates to the best time to begin new projects, investment ventures, celebrations, new business, undertaking construction, surgery, health treatments, and so on. Chakrapani may give one date, or several possible dates, for a new undertaking or important event. Selection of an auspicious date for any undertaking of consequence is considered an important way of enhancing optimum results.

  • Auspicious Date for Wedding
    or Special Occasion


    For Weddings, Chakrapani will evaluate the horoscope to determine the most auspicious or favorable dates for getting married

  • Corporate/Company Chart

    $250 - 55 Minutes

    Chakrapani analyzes a company's general prospects, management, finances, marketing, expansion, personnel, auspicious times for the companys prospects.

  • Rectification of Birth Time


    A method for assigning a birth time when the client knows the time of birth within a four hour period.

  • Compatability Reading

    $225-55 Min

    $125- 30 Min

    In this reading  the compatibility issues between two people are considered for either a 30 min or 55 min session. Is used to enhance the awareness of underlying potential conflicts or power struggles in the relationship, as well as areas of harmony, mutual agreement and complimentary interests. As well as a myriad of kinds of friendships.

  • Determination of Birth Time


    A method for assigning a birth time when the client has no reliable record of birth time.

  • Individual Question


    This reading is used when the client has a particular question or area of concern. Chakrapani will reference both the planetary set-up and transits.

  • Personal or Business Consultation

    $225 - 55 Minutes

    $125- 30 Minutes

    This is an opportunity to discuss any issues you may have, with reference to your natal chart.

  • Horary Astrology


    Chakrapani answers any question based on a chart created for the time in question asked.

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