Client Testimonials

Chakrapani’s clients hail from around the world and from all walks of life; from different cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds.  Ultimately all are seeking guidance regarding the myriad of life’s problems that are the fabric of everyday life – issues regarding one’s profession, health, relationships – and a means of gaining greater clarity to the often complex questions that help define our character and our purpose in this world.

Chakrapani Ullal can accurately be called “the father of Vedic astrology in the western world,” much like I once described Paramahansa Yogananda as “the father of Yoga in the western world.”


Chakrapani has had the greatest influence of any single person on the development and propagation of Vedic astrology in the United States over the past nearly fifty years. He has selflessly given the largest number of readings probably of any astrologer in the West, including with many of the most famous, talented, educated and spiritual personalities in the world, doing numerous consultations every day on a wide variety of important life issues in a tireless manner.


Chakrapani has been at the forefront of major Vedic astrological organizations in the West and continues to guide the Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA). He is highly regarded in India as well, starting with his close relationship with noted astrologer Dr. BV Raman, founder of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS). He has been the astrological guide for many of the greatest gurus of India since Swami Muktananda, who first brought him to the West.


Chakrapani carries many spiritual and yogic secrets of astrology both relative to chart interpretation and the use of remedial measures. These reflect his many years of study from his childhood in Kerala and the experiential knowledge gained from his extensive chart readings.


I consider Chakrapani to be the most insightful Vedic astrologer relative to chart reading that I have ever met or studied with. The directness and clarity with which he understands a person’s chart is almost unparalleled and his advice is always helpful, considerate and profound. I regularly seek his counsel and guidance in my own spiritual and astrological pursuits. He has been one of the most important influences in my life over many years. It has been a great honor to be connected with him at both personal and professional levels.


Anyone who comes into contact with Chakrapani is bound to be immensely benefited and in an enduring manner. Such greater teachers are rare and there are very few who can follow even in his shadow.


-Dr. David Frawley D.Litt (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri)

Padma Bhushan Recipient, President of India Varanasi,
India Assi Ghat

Santa Fe, NM

Chakrapani’s readings are insightful, practical and to the point, cutting away much extraneous verbiage that is often the norm in other astrological readings. The ability to “see” the chart and get to the heart of the issue and make proper judgments is a rare gift that few astrologers possess and comes not only from Chakrapani’s vast experience of reading tens of thousands of charts along with his technical and intuitive skills, but is also a product of his early training in India, as the recipient of knowledge passed down through generations of his family line. Depth and subtlety of insight are not things that can be learned from a book, even if one has a scholarly background in Jyotish classical texts or the Vedic Shastras. They are rather the result of innate wisdom and intuitive gifts, combined with devotion to the subject for many years. These are the attributes that Chakrapani brings to his client consultations and what makes his readings so unique and beneficial.


-Steven Stuckey (Shastrakara das)

Jyotish Vachaspati (Indian Council of Astrological Sciences)

Ashland, Oregon

As leader, seer, guide and truth teller you have opened a world of possibility to me through your gracious work. You have always assured that I am free and responsible for making my destiny come true by working carefully and thoughtfully with the good karma and bad karma around me. You have always maintained that the choices and wisdom still comes from within through every decision—large and small—that we make. You have shown me hope in the face of despair, courage in the face of deceit and consistency in the face of chaos. It is still always about faith. In every case, I have found that while the planets in their courses and this earth plain, our island home, that we—as children made of stardust—are part of the creation, acting and interacting with the wonder and challenge, which is an another aspect of the universe always interacting upon us and within us. For such peace and clarity, for your wisdom and grace. I thank you!


-The Reverend Canon Ted Karpf

Santa Fe, NM

client 18 years

I have had the privilege and great good fortune to be a client of Chakrapani Ullal’s for over 35 years. No words can adequately describe how invaluable his wisdom, counsel, and expertise has been in my life. Chakrapani is so much more than an excellent astrologer--he is a true Master. His brilliant astrological readings are coupled with his profound intuitive abilities and timeless understanding which has emerged from his own lifetime of deep spiritual experience. Time and time again, he has seen far into my future, and offered me priceless keys that have opened the necessary doors in my own consciousness so I could walk my path with clarity, trust and right action. Chakrapani has been one of my highest blessings on this earth journey, and I credit his consistent, compassionate guidance as one of the treasured pillars upon which my considerable inner and outer successes have risen. I am forever grateful for his gifts of grace.


-Dr. Barbara De Angelis,
New York Time Best Selling Author, Teacher

Santa Barbara, CA
client 36 years

Having known and studied with Chakrapani over more than 30 years, I can honestly say that I feel deeply blessed and honored to have had his guidance and friendship.  He is a highly gifted and brilliant astrologer without question, but more importantly he is a man of integrity and a man blessed with enormous spiritual insights. Chakrapani is a very generous and kind individual whose greatest wish and mission in life is to help and serve us, and serve us with a warm and loving heart.  He has helped me through some extremely challenging times and I am so very grateful to have him as a guide and friend. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is at a time in their life when they are in need of some guidance and some compassionate wisdom.


-Terry Jacobs

Holistic Pharmacist
Los Angeles, CA
client 35 years

Chakrapani has read my astrological chart for over 40 years. My first reading was when I was 18, and in that reading he predicted with amazing accuracy all the major events in my life and the changes I would go through. Chakrapani has been a mentor and a guide for my whole family. We consult Chakrapani for all our major decisions and his guidance has benefited us tremendously. We are incredibly grateful that we have Chakrapani in our lives. His guidance is a true blessing.

-Patricia Selbert

Santa Barbara, CA

client 40 years

I have been going to Chakrapani for many years and have always looked forward to our meetings. He doesn't just tell me what is going to happen, he guides and advises me through all my journeys always asking questions and helping me find solutions to everyday problems. He alerts me to upcoming challenges and quite often gives me very firm paths to take, always in my best interest. He doesn't like giving bad news but he will prepare you for a difficult situation. I have always valued my time with Chakrapani on many levels, he is simply delightful to talk to.



Los Angeles, CA

client over 20 years

Chakrapani's readings over many decades have been an accurate,thoughtful guide; an uncanny balance of Vedic science and intuitive grace enabling me to make prudent and appropriate life decisions. I was questioning what is the right time to retire. I am grateful I have waited as all readings indicated.  My practice and business in the last two years have been fulfilling and great. Indeed, an honor to know you.


-Katherine Maltz

When ever my life path gets foggy and I'm uncertain how to move forward I have sought Chakrapani astrological advice. Over the years I've had dozens of readings and Chakrapani's insights and recommendations have been  incredibly valuable. Several times he has predicted events that I seriously doubted would occur but to my complete amazement they did! Chakrapani is a gentle and wise astrological adviser who will provide you with powerful insights into many aspects of your future which if heeded will steer you away from danger and point you to more a fortuitous path. I have recommended Chakrapani to my friends and relatives many times and they have never been disappointed! Count yourself lucky to have Chakrapani, read and interpret your chart.  It’s a valuable investment in your future that you will treasure your entire life.



Educational Technologist

client 30 years

When Jim Heacock, my husband of 47 years passed away on November 10, 1994, my dear friend, Kristin Newton, urged me to make an appointment with Chakrapani, seeking guidance for the next chapter of my life. I did so, and it was the beginning of a treasured source of inspiration and guidance. Jim and I had worked together in founding our literary agency, and now I was faced with taking on the whole responsibility. I was inspired by Chakrapani's advice and went on to place many manuscripts with major publishers. Then in 2000, when Fletcher Bliss Thompson, an old friend came back into my life and asked me to marry him, I again sought Chakrapani's advice. Chakrapani indicated that our two astrological charts were in harmony. Now having celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on January 1, 2016, I can agree with Chakrapani's wisdom, for they have been very, very happy 15 years, and we hope for more to come. I am grateful to Chakrapani, and also to Kristin Newton, whose sound advice I treasure. All who schedule sessions with this wise man will surely benefit greatly.


-Rosalie Grace Heacock Thompson, AAR, Literary Agent,
client 22 years

Over the past twenty years, Chakrapani has been an inspiration and guiding force for me. His wisdom and grace has uplifted and transformed any challenges I have faced. And, like a venerable lighthouse, he has guided me safely to shore over and over. On both a subtle and practical level, the information Chakrapani has provided over the years has stayed with me and enriched me. I encourage everyone to give themselves and others the boon of a reading with Chakrapani.


-Gregg Pellegrini


New York, NY

client 20 years

...then I received the reading of my life. It was transformative, holy, magical and truly wonderful. I felt like I was in India, with a Master. I was initially drawn to Chakrapani because the first thing I heard about him was that he was given a blessing by a Saint to tell the truth in his Jyotish astrology readings and I felt very drawn to him because of that. He has an aura of wisdom and stillness, clarity and love and absolute straightforwardness, each reading is a holy, thought provoking, transforming event. I always ask Chakrapani when facing important events in my life, embarking on any new project, or dealing with deeply personal issues.


He allows one to feel safe, he has no prejudices, is confidential, one can ask any question without fear of judgement or criticism. Like a lawyer or priest!


Except In this world, he is a spiritual giant, a life guide, a spiritual teacher, a brilliant astrologer, using science, intuition and compassion.


He is like a divine father, and a most important person in my life, for which I am so grateful. He was there for me when I went through challenging times and he is one of those people who I believe is here to help me in my life, as he has helped so many.


My husband Charles Defay has also had extraordinary and helpful readings with Chakrapani. We feel blessed to know him and for me personally,  he was an answer to my deepest prayers.

We recommend him to all our loved ones, students and friends - there is no greater gift than getting a reading with Chakrapani.


-Peri Ness Defay


client 19 years

I met Chakrapani in 1982 in Santa Monica, California. Over the years I have known over 50 people, from around the country, who with completely varied cultural and political backgrounds, have had their natal charts and progressions read with life altering effects. He knew nothing about me, friends, family, their new born children; he gave readings that were absolute accurate descriptions of our nature, personality, strengths and weaknesses. Everyone was astonished at his depth of insight. Having one’s chart read by Chakrapani’s humble brilliance and understanding of the role of one’s birth chart, in mapping one’s life, resulted in personal revelations. I know for a fact most of these people have continued to call him for consolation through the years. Because of my own good fortune to have met Chakrapani and to have him delve into my own chart, he has given me the insight to understand myself, my relationships, the emotional ability to accept myself. In all honesty, I believe without Chakrapani in my life, I would not have worked toward a peaceful, accepting life. His clarity and honesty to the truth of what he could see in my chart and not from my own desires or expectations, has made Chakrapani one of the most valuable, important meetings and mentors of life. I would not be the person I am today if I had not gone down the path of self discovery that Chakrapani has helped me transverse and clarify. In a last note on Chakrapani, I have never known anyone who had the opportunity for extraordinary world fame and fortune but chose to stay true to his own values because of such a deep respect for his client’s privacy. It is obvious that all he has aimed for in his life is to give others the opportunity for self examination, peace and growth and for is own spiritual growth.


-Patricia Lipman Stillman,
client 33 years

It is a delight to get astrological reading from Mr Chakrapani Ullal. Because many times he comes with completely unexpected suggestions. It is amazing to see how he siphons out them embedded within planetary movements and my birth horoscope.

It is such a good feeling to know that I have somebody to get guidance when I really need to seek directions before making important decisions in life.


My first meeting with Mr Chakrapani was in 1998, in a seminar in Tokyo. Something triggered in me at that time and I have been in touch with him ever since. He has guided me at critical stages in my life, on business, family issues, stressful occasions.


His total love for astrology, deep spiritual knowledge combined with profound experience has made him extraordinary and intuitive consultant. His intimate way of interacting with the client, confidence in his responses make his clients so open to discuss any

topics with him, also make clients clear in their queries and go deeper inside ourselves.


-Rama Tantry,

Water Purification,

Computer Marketing

Tokyo, Japan

client 23 years

I have been consulting Chakrapaniji for over two decades on a regular basis. Sometimes few times a year. His readings have always helped me with insights that may act as warnings or caution, and in other cases prepare me for what may be on the horizon. Astrology is a very sophisticated science, it is meant to guide not predict. Chakrapaniji has been an excellent source of information that can help me with that. He works with great integrity and I have never doubted his readings. I look forward to consulting him in the future.



client 20 years

When someone like Chakrapani appears on your path, it's a blessing and a privilege not to miss.


-April Von Eckfeld,
 client of 16 years

Like a venerable lighthouse, he has guided me safely to shore over and over.


-Gregg Pellegrini


Chakrapani is an extremely gifted Vedic Astrologer.  I have been seeing Chakrapani for 4 years, which began as a birthday gift for a Natal reading.  I was so impressed with the accuracy of his ability to read my chart that I have been returning for my yearly progression readings faithfully.  Each progression reading has helped me to plan and prepare for certain situations better (i.e., unplanned expenditure, etc.).  He is truly amazing and I have referred 7 of my friends to him and they all have had that same jaw-dropping experience.  I will continue to consult with Chakrapani for many, many years to come.  He is truly a very special individual and I’m very lucky to know him.


West Hill, CA
client 4 years

Chakrapani did my natal chart (accurately finding my birth time) and has done a yearly update for me for ten years. I find his perspectives enlightening and helpful, his thoughts and suggestions interesting and very useful, his outlook positive and uplifting.  Chakrapani is a kind and optimistic mentor.  Each reading provides new insights for the coming year.  The discussions are substantive, positive, and enjoyable.  I look forward to future conversations!


-Dr. Carol


Boston, MA
client 10 years

Chakrapani is the astrologer I most respect and have recommended to others since meeting him through the recommendation of a trusted friend in 1999. Prior to that I had studied astrology casually and had been to many respected astrologers throughout my life from my teens onward- so I came to him with understandings, but the Vedic system was new to me and illuminating. He has given guidance to help me endure some of the worst as well as make the most of the best opportunities and events in my life since then, including many creative and personal choices as well as unexpected tragedies that required understanding beyond what the mundane world could offer. I have carried his words with me over the years, and they continue to be helpful to me today. I treasure his wisdom, integrity and intellect as a great teacher and guide, who has given so much of himself to the benefit of others. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are facing challenges, or are an ambitious type, or struggling in a relationship or choice, or simply want to learn and grow more, I would suggest a reading with him, and to continue to visit him over time, as I have. What Chakrapani presents to you are pieces of information from your unique birth chart, that can help you to make the ultimately best choices for yourself. When someone like Chakrapani appears on your path, it's a blessing and a privilege not to miss.


-April Von Eckfeld


client 16 years

I am writing this in support of a long time, dear friend, and a great source of 'Wisdom' for my life's highest direction that I have known for 30 plus years.  Chakrapani Ullal has helped focus my heart's 'Wisdom' toward many initiatives that have come through expanded Consciousness and touched others as well as expanding my own awareness that Love's destiny is to be of 'Compassionate service to others.'   The potential that we each have is always expanding and the 'readings' with Chakrapani have helped focus and identify that potential toward the greater good for peace and harmony within my own life, and expanded my awareness that  each person within the  human family shares this 'highest' level of potential to love:  and thus to be of service to the earth, and therefore all the future generations of the earth.


-Lori Warmington

Newport Beach, CA

client 30 years

I have known and worked with Chakrapani for over 30 years and during that time, his insights and guidance have been a poignant and invaluable resource. His intuition and skill have helped guide my personal and professional life trajectory, confirming my own understanding that Vedic Astrology is both an art and a science.



Tucson, Arizona

client 33 years

I have had the privilege of receiving Chakrapani's caring insights for more than three decades -- insights into gifts and challenges, coming obstacles and opportunities, and a clarifying view of the big picture. His remedies are often unexpected, personal, and highly individual. If you are receptive, you are rewarded with surprising wisdom and beauty.


 -Jeffrey Ainis,

Writer and Editor,

Alhambra, CA

 client 32 years

For a number of years Chakrapani has prepared Jyotish consultations for my wife and I. We have always found him to be extremely insightful. He always amazes us how accurate his predictions are. His knowledge and intuition indicate his total command and ownership of Jyotish.


He has helped us to avert the danger that has not yet come. His awareness of our challenging cycles has helped us to endure them more easily and effectively. He has helped us to take advantage of auspicious cycles where one can make progress in all fields of thought, speech and action. Chakrapani has been a blessing in our life and he will always have our deepest love and respect.


-Jack & Marybeth Boles
clients since 2011

A fortunate client of Chakrapani since approximately 2000, I still review my natal (initial) reading I typed basically verbatim containing the specific planetary setups and their meanings.  EXCERPT/Quote:  “5th house from the rising sign is ruled by Venus; that Venus is situated in the 11th house; 5th house is house of intellect.  Therefore, 5th house ruler is considered very favorable, indicating you will be connected with many types of creative projects, including writing.  Venus is your Yoga Karaka planet (most beneficial planet for one’s sign) for people with Capricorn Rising . . . . “).   *Note:  All the various main points/trends (auspicious/not so auspicious!) given in that initial reading continue to enfold and be valid based on my life experiences and recent Vedic astrology studies and discussions with a couple of well-known Vedic astrology authors and instructors. Further, my husband and I utilize information from our marriage compatibility appointment several years ago, and we selected the marriage date with Chakrapani’s guidance (required a birth time rectification).


Finally, for the majority of the last 15 years,  I have done an annual progression or an occasional horary appointment.  Chakrapani has advised me on the development of my Feng Shui practice, including auspicious travel dates for Feng Shui studies in China.  I have referred several friends and relatives to Chakrapani (some appointments were via gift certificate).   I also attended a short series of Vedic Astrology lectures given by Chakrapani in 2005.  As my relationship with Chakrapani is one of the most important ones in my life, I usually drive from San Diego to Los Angeles for in-person appointments (except for the shorter horary appointments).   I am grateful to Chakrapani for all his support on very important, very personal matters.


-Diana A

 San Diego,CA

client 15 years.

I have known Chakrapani for more than 40 years. He has been a trusted scholar in Vedic Astrology and a friend all these years. I highly recommend him to provide insight, guidance and wisdom. You will not be disappointed.




client 43 years

Chakrapani Ullal Sir, is gentle and subtle with the dynamic knowledge streams he is managing to customize for the individual. The energy of each "graham" or planet, can be intense, the "bhava" - state the planet lives in, its "avastha" - or condition... all these are delicate matters that has a huge influence on the individual's possibilities. Optimistic, realistic and gentle with the grace of the grahas' flowing through his voice and understanding, he counsels each of us. We found his benevolence so heart-warming. This is what we looked for in a learned jyotishi, which Ullal Sir surely is.


-Anonymous, Executive Education,
Counsel/Coach for leadership development

I have been seeking the guidance of Chakrapani for many years. His inspiration has lead me to better understand my life thorough his wisdom. My family have also enjoyed his spiritual guidance through high school, college, and now career. He has given us a greater perspective to life's ups and downs, particularly when times are challenging. I am forever grateful that he has been part of our journey.



librarian clerk

client 30 years

I have known  Mr. Chakrapani  Ullal more than 35 years . Both as a friend and a spiritual guide in Astrology . He is a world authority in  this field . Astrology is a science developed during the Vedic period of India . Periodically in the material world it lost its status of guiding the people to attain  spiritual  freedom in their lives. It always gives a historian an impression that it awaits each time for a new master to appear on the scene to lift it from the material world and place it back in its spiritual status .  Chakrapani is one such Master who by his dedication brought it back not only in  India but spread its usage  to the western world as well . He is born in a family of such great Astrologers and the wisdom was transferred from one generation to another along the family lineage. Which is  rare by itself.He is not only blessed by some of the great spiritual masters of India but also trained and uplifted himself in a spiritual path of life . He has world wide clientele . Constantly writing papers  and giving workshops and presentations on the subject . In the process has wide number of amazing celebrities looking for his advise in their daily lives . In spite of that he  still maintains  the same simplicity which I experienced , when met him at the first time .He always remains   unassuming in his nature to be proud of . It is an honor and privilege for me to contribute  my experiences with the  master of Vedic astrology


-Dr Dinker B Rai

Chairman Dept. Of Surgery
Interfaith Medical Center

Brooklyn  NY

client over 35 years

Awesome human being and and excellent astrologer with very accurate predictions. You will not go wrong with Dr.Chakrapani. I will highly recommend him to anyone.


-Sameer D

New Hampshire
client 5 years

All who schedule sessions with this wise man will surely benefit greatly.


-Rosalie Grace Heacock Thompson,

 client for 22 years

I had my first astrological reading of any kind with Chakrapani, in 2003. He prepared my natal chart and it was transformational. Since then I have made appointments with Chakrapani for a progressive reading most years, and when I have been seriously emotionally involved I have also found the compatibility charts useful. Chakrapani is insightful, funny and what is probably most valuable is that he understands modern western lives while also being deeply rooted in his ancient profession - his ability to help communicate to the client what the vedic astrological chart reveals is unique. The information a reading provides can be complex, nuanced and it takes a sophisticated astrologer to create value in a reading, to help you understand what the information from the chart actually means for you, in your life, in real time. I not only find my readings very very useful, I also look forward to them because I enjoy the experience of being in Chakrapani's presence.

New York, NY

client 13 years

"I have been a client of Chakrapani since 1998, and when I had my first natal chart evaluation, he astounded me over and over again.  At age 30, I did not know who I was, and yet I knew much about myself that I felt was not acceptable. For example, Chakrapani told me that I was (as a Gemini) very traditional and conventional on the one hand, and on the other I was quite eccentric.  I knew this, but I did not accept it because I come from a conventional background.  I received confirmation from him that I was fine the way that I was - that nothing was wrong with me.  He began to help me in this way. To understand that the way I am ‘formulated’ so to speak, is as it should be. I have received over the past18 years endless valuable advice, and will continue to consult with Chakrapani for the rest of his years (or mine).  I always recommend him highly to my friends. My husband and my family are clients, and I am very pleased to recommend him to anyone looking for valuable advice about one’s life, one’s nature, and one’s individual path."

-Lauren Le Roy

Paris, France

client 18 years.

I have known Chakrapani since his days in India, before he came to America. I also spent many years working for him. He struck me as having a rare combination of spiritual wisdom, along with a very practical way of dealing with everyday life. Chakrapani has always had an 'inner connection' about him which makes him stand out from other people In all the years I have known him,  and under many different sets of circumstances, he has always seemed to me to be firmly grounded in that inner sense of Self. That is what makes him and  his readings so special. He does not do astrology through the mind. He reads the chart from a different level. And so his readings are a spiritual signpost for us. They guide us in our own inner self-understanding. And that is the greatest gift, because it grows and stays with us for ever.


-Marianne Pherigo

 London, UK

Client 38 years

I first saw Chakrapani based on a reference from a friend.  I had recently purchased a beautiful piece of property in a secluded and remote rural area and wanted to build a house on it.  However, the design of the house wouldn’t come together in my head and I realized it was because, as a single woman, I was afraid it might not be safe to live there and so I was procrastinating.  I scheduled an appointment with Chakrapani for a Natal Reading.  Based on only my chart, when we met, Chakrapani gave me information about my mother and father, the rest of my family, my childhood, my relationships, areas where I had difficulties, my current health concerns, diseases I would be susceptible to in the future, my strengths, weaknesses, areas of employment I would excel in—he was just so spot on and accurate I was amazed!  I immediately felt accepted and understood.  During the reading Chakrapani told me I would be quite safe living on my property but that I should start building later because building right away would cost more (which went against the conventional wisdom).  For permit reasons I was unable to delay and I built my house right away.  I had 25 blissful years building and living in that house and was completely safe and very happy there.  However, in building the house there were unbelievable and very unusual extra costs that came up that nobody, including all of my very experienced contractors, foresaw.  Again, Chakrapani was so very accurate!


Throughout the years, I continued to have yearly Progression Readings with Chakrapani and they helped me understand better and act with more clarity during times when the going got a little rough.  These days I travel a lot and, because I am fearful of flying, I always check my flight dates and tour timeframes with Chakrapani before I book to ensure I will be safe flying and that I will have a good and safe time on the tour.  Sometimes Chakrapani asks me to change my start date or end date a day or two, or he will suggest taking a tour earlier or later in the month or occasionally in a different month.  Of course I follow his recommendations! This is such a help to me because I completely relax during my plane flights and I always have rewarding and fun times on my trips.  My Progression Reading each year also points out areas and times to be mindful or careful in various aspects of my life or in relationships with others. I can’t imagine a year that would go by without a consultation with Chakrapani, and I very highly recommend his services.


-Barbara Lamb

Oakland, CA

client 26 years

A reading from Chakrapani is a blessing. He is a true Vedic astrologer with a yogic mind. Vedic astrology is a divine subject that he approaches with true reverence and humility. He leads a spiritual life and has a deep understanding of the philosophy of life which he applies to each reading. It is clear that he aspires to be of service to others, and is blessed with the Grace of God flowing through him that allows for valuable intuitive insights. I highly recommend a reading from Chakrapani if you are interested in how planetary energies specifically influence your life and what that means for your individual life purpose.


-Ginger Douillard


client since 1986

I had my first reading with Chakrapani over 30 years ago, and I try to have a reading from him, and for my family members, at least once a year. Chakrapani is the real deal- born into a family of astrologers going back generations. If he had stayed in India, he would be the advisor to rajas and princes. Those of us in the US and in California are blessed that he decided to come here and offer his gift of insight to the West. Astrology is Chakrapani's life- he lives it 24 hours a day. It is this dedication and one-pointedness, and his lifelong practice of this Vedic art, that make him a one of the most superb astrologers of our time.



Business Executive

client since 1983

Chakrapani is an excellent adviser and intuitive who uses the astrological framework to engage his clients. The careful perspectives he presents engenders an alertness to important change, to emerging futures and to an assessment of the qualities one must bring to bear on arising challenges. Over the years chakrapani has made some excellent calls on timing- from the turn of a project, to the death of a relative three years ahead, to a reversal of a perspective I had that opened an opportunity. He has read three generations of my family. So intuitive, respectful, skillful and cares for each person.


-Gurucharan Singh Khalsa PhD Professor

 Portland OR

 client 30 years

It is my great honor to be privileged to acknowledge your outstanding skills as an astrologer, and most importantly as a good friend over many years dating back to the late 1980’s.


You have always astonished me with the accuracy of your predictions. I could compose a huge scroll of excellent predictions that all have come to pass, but my computer might run out of storage space, as the list of accurate predictions is so very long.


Not only are you an astrologer par excellence, but your compassion and friendship over the years have added much to my life, my well being, and my spiritual development.


All I can say is thank you so very much for all that you have done.


-Dr. David Koreman


client 29 years

I have consulted with Chakrapani at selected points over my adult lifetime-mostly when I am almost overwhelmed. He has always given me extraordinary insight into what was going on in my life. His wisdom is real and deep. I have been amazed at the accuracy of his predictions. He does not sugar-coat the situation but provides a practical perspective from which one can navigate rough waters. I highly recommend consulting him regularly.


-C. Jones


Washington DC

client 25 years

When I face a decision about my business, I often talk to Chakrapani over the phone. Then, he gives me insightful indications which I can rely on. In almost all cases, his comments have been helping me in various ways. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years and will do the same going forward.




Some years ago I was going through some tough changes and much uncertainty in my life - events that appeared to me almost pre-ordained and occurring in spite of my best intentions and efforts -  and I was really in need of some understanding of the direction and evolution of my life. I came across Chakrapani at this time in my life after conducting an elaborate research for a reputable and trustworthy Vedic astrologer. His analysis of my natal chart was spot-on and his predictions have come to pass in their entirety. Since then, I have had him prepare and analyse the natal chart for my family members and I continue to consult him on a yearly basis as well. He has opened my eyes to the wisdom of the Vedic seers and his sincere and dedicated knowledge and practice of this ancient science is invaluable and such a treasure and gift to humanity!



Michigan, USA

client 8 years

Chakrapani's guidance helped me to accept reality as per the law of karma and Vedic astrology. I have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


-Client 10 years

His guidance is a true blessing.


-Patricia Selbert



You will not be disappointed.


-Sally, 43 years client



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